Empowering the Future of Personal Open-Source AI

Shinkai is more than an AI tool for instant answers. It's a pioneer in the AI-coordinated personal computing revolution, seamlessly connecting blockchain technology, advanced language models, and personal data to redefine efficiency and privacy in the digital space.

Smart, Seamless Knowledge Management
Crafted for Privacy and Customization

Shinkai adapts to your workflow, organizing everything from project docs to meeting notes with robust privacy at its core.

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Experience Shinkai Everywhere

Access Shinkai effortlessly on Chrome, web, or mobile. Consistent and convenient, wherever you are.

  • Chrome ExtensionAccess Shinkai's powerful features directly in your Chrome browser.
  • WebsiteExplore Shinkai's full range of capabilities on the web.
  • Mobile AppTake Shinkai wherever you go with our mobile app.


We pride ourselves on a robust and seamlessly integrated architecture, ensuring optimal performance and user experience.

Shinkai Architecture

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