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AI-Powered Operating System

Shinkai enhance any Large Language Model (LLM) with:

  • Privacy focused: Chat with your emails and files without worrying about privacy.
  • Continuous Flow of Fresh Info For Your AI: Keeps your AI smart with the latest data on news, sports, crypto and potentially anything available on the internet. It's about giving your AI the newest info to work with.
  • AI Tools for everyday tasks: Gives your AI the tools and internet access it needs to tackle tasks for you. From snagging travel deals to getting the best tips, your AI's got you covered like a human assistant.

At the heart of Shinkai is the Shinkai Node, which integrates an AI-specific file system (VectorFS) with a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Currently, Shinkai is in beta.

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Shinkai Unique Features

  • Up-to-Date AIMost AIs solutions rely on the top result of a search engine like Bing. We leverage a decentralized P2P network to extend the knowledge of any AI.
  • Open-Source and Privacy FocusedWith a local Shinkai, you gain complete control over your data in a secure environment. This open-source platform invites innovation and enterprise, allowing you to build upon it freely.
  • Tools for Everyday TasksShinkai allows you to schedule tasks and even easily create AI workflows that integrates with every day tools like Emails, Google Docs, Slack, you name it.

Smart, Seamless Knowledge Management
Crafted for Privacy and Customization

Shinkai adapts to your workflow, organizing everything from project docs to meeting notes with robust privacy at its core.

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Access Shinkai effortlessly on Chrome, web, or mobile. Consistent and convenient, wherever you are.

  • Chrome ExtensionAccess Shinkai's powerful features directly in your Chrome browser.Download
  • DesktopExplore Shinkai's full range of capabilities on a desktop.
  • Mobile AppTake Shinkai wherever you go with our mobile app.


We pride ourselves on a robust and seamlessly integrated architecture, ensuring optimal performance and user experience.

Shinkai Architecture

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